Welcome to AModernSpiritualist.com! My name is Ramses Rodriguez and I am a Holistic Coach, Practitioner and Author. In this site you will have access to three things:

  1. My blog– all the juicy things about my spiritual journey and perspectives!
  2. The latest information on my new book about curing Panic Attacks
  3. Avenues to book sessions with me, one-on-one!

Go ahead! Look around and reach out!


What is a “modern” spiritualist anyway?

As my page title suggests, I’m here to talk about spirituality, specifically, “modern” spirituality. So, what do I mean by that? I’ll answer by posing a few questions first.

  • What is a spiritual person supposed to look like?
  • How should they speak, act, or live?
  • What foods should they eat?

Chances are, you’re picturing someone who is vegetarian, who wears psychedelic print clothing, enjoys drum circles and practices yoga every Monday. Just like you, I used to hold an image of the spiritualist much like this. Now, while there is absolutely nothing “wrong with” or UNspiritual about the person I just described, I am here to share my spiritual journey with you as it seems that my experiences challenge some of that “spiritualist” architype.

If you are a business person, a scientist, or a yogi, come in as I explore my life in search of the many modern faces of spirituality!

Navigating my site!

In my site you will find three content pages (at least for now)! For your convenience, this short little outline details what is contained within each page:

Menu 1. Blog

Within my blog there are three links. Collectively the that feature my spiritual journey, my perspective on all things spiritual, and a glossary of spiritual terms that I find useful to define. The three links in that drop-down menu are as follows:

Menu 2. New Book!

This contains all the recent and updated information about the release of my upcoming book on curing Panic Attacks! Check out how to join my Book Launch Team and how you can help work with me one-on-one**Freebies and Resources contained within this link**

Menu 3. Book a Service

Within this menu you will find many options of working with me directly! I am a Holistic Coach and Practitioner and I offer many different services to meet your needs. Click on this menu for more details on each service type. For you convenience, I have listed here a summarized list of the services I offer and, thus, are as follows:


***Feel Free to look around!***
A great conversation is always welcome!
Drop me a line in ANY of my posts!
I check often and love to reply to your questions, comments, and suggestions!

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